5 Epic Locations In California To Slay Your Engagement Photos!

California is stacked full with the some of the best instagram worthy locations on the planet!
Go grab some animal style fries and enjoy our top 5 most EPIC locations for your engagement photos in California!

Crystal Cove State Beach

Located north of Laguna Beach, Crystal Cove State Beach is such a beautiful location. We tend to stir away from just beach locations as they can be one dimensional, however Crystal Cove offers a variety of amazing backdrops to have fun with.

Arts District – Los Angeles

We had always heard about this amazing part of Los Angeles, but never had been until this year. What an amazing place with such a variety of different locations that is perfect for any style. It’s such an amazing location that we ran into two of our fellow photographers the first time we went!

Joshua Tree National Park

In southeastern California, east of Los Angeles lies one of the most beautiful parks to have an engagement session. With an abundance of amazing and cool Air Bnb’s around the area Joshua Tree is simply an amazing location that you don’t want to miss out on!

Griffith Observatory

If you love the movie LA LA Land as much as we do, then you will know this location. Located at the top of Griffith park, the observatory serves for an amazing backdrop with views that can only be seen in the movies. On top of that you can learn some fun new things about the stars above inside!

Victoria Beach – Laguna Beach

Who can say no to a giant pirate castle? I know we couldnt and i don’t think you can either! One of our favorite places to shoot, Victoria Beach offers so many different backgrounds in such a small location! Oh did we mention there is a giant pirate castle!!!!

Eagle Rock – Topanga State Park

The hike up to Eagle Rock in Topanga State Park is a long one. With views this good, its absolutely worth it. We’d walk this trail every day to get these views. Plus its LA hiking is what we do right? 

Hope this list of California’s Best Engagement Locations helps you plan your dream engagement session! We’ll continually add to this list as we explore more of this beautiful state! Got a location recommendation? Comment it below!

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