How to absolutely SLAY your engagement photos!

We know wedding planning can be a handful and the last thing on your mind is posing for photos. We wanted to share our top 5 secrets to make sure you slay your engagement photos with no worries at all. From what to wear to when to shoot keep these 5 tips in mind!


Choosing a great location for your engagement photos can really make the shoot not only look great but make it extremely fun. We always recommend to our couples that you choose a location that is meaningful in both of your lives and fits your style. Anywhere from your first date spot, to where they proposed, your favorite coffee shop, where you walk the dogs most, your favorite home away from home or perhaps even a new exotic location you two have never been to but know looks amazing. We do recommend having two locations that way you two can have a backup in case the first one doesn’t work out for some reason. If you don’t know where to have the shoot you can always ask us we have many tools and contacts to help us find a magical place for your special day.
*Side note* Be aware if somewhere is private as you may need permission or a permit to shoot at the said location.


Wear something that you two are most comfortable in! We want you two to not only look like a million bucks, but we want you to feel the same way. Pick out an outfit that you know looks stunning on both of you. If you do decided to do something brand new, take it for a test run first (hello, date night!). Being comfortable is our ultimate goal that way you two can just enjoy yourself and each other. Always remember to steam or iron out shirts before hand, we don’t want you worrying about a stubborn wrinkle. Ladies try to lean somewhere near something that flows well and allows you to move.


You may have heard of this amazing time of the day when everything looks amazing called “Golden Hour”. Well, everything you’ve heard about it is true we absolutely love shooting in golden hour and we try to schedule all of our shoots around that special time of day to make your engagement photos look stunning. While shooting in the middle of the day of plenty of time may sound like a good idea, it is usually the worst lighting. Make sure you are aware of when the sunset is and plan for an hour before that for some stunning shots!

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If your hair and makeup skills are on point then look no further. If you don’t feel as comfortable with your skills, we do recommend getting your hair and makeup done professional the day of.  If you haven’t had a consultation with your makeup and hair artist for your special day yet, this may be a great time to do so. Schedule your trial the day of to kill two birds with one stroke of the makeup brush!


Most importantly, have fun. Engagement sessions are a time to have fun, goof around and just be silly. This is a great time for you two and your photographer to get to know each other. Embrace each other, hug, smile, be goofy, laugh and just be in the moment, after all you two are getting married! So make a day out of your engagement session, grab some dinner and some drinks, kiss, giggle and enjoy!


We hope you found this post helpful! If you would like to book your engagement session or wedding with The Pixel Perfection please contact us by clicking HERE.

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