Five Wedding Vendors You Should Splurge On

When it comes your wedding day, everything should be perfect and designed just as you dreamed. We often see tons of posts and articles about how you can save money on your big day because, well, weddings can get pretty pricey. However, there are also some vendors where saving a buck is really not the most important part. These are the vendors that will take your perfect dream wedding from vision to reality, and these are the vendors you can always budget more for!


Unless you work in the wedding industry, it’s easy to forget how many flowers can go into your special day! It’s not only the bridal bouquet that florists are turning into perfection. There are floral centerpieces, aisle markers, floral designs for the altar, and so much more. When a high quality florist knows your preferences and the layout of your big day, there is a guarantee that they will design arrangements that you never dreamed of! They take the tiniest details of their arrangements and make them some of the most memorable aspects of your décor!


Have you ever been to a wedding where the DJ or band just didn’t fit? Maybe, the band didn’t know the right songs, or the DJ was working on his own promotion rather than making sure the crowd was enjoying the music. Whatever entertainment is selected for the big day, know that they can make or break the mood of the reception. Finding entertainment that has worked in the wedding industry is essential to making sure your guests have a good time. With all vendors, you should definitely do your research, but with the entertainment, you want to look for a quality performer who can enhance the time your guests spend with you at your reception.

Makeup Artist

Compared to the rest of the wedding vendor costs, the makeup artist is usually one of the smaller fees, but don’t let that fool you. It’s one of the most important parts for a bride (or groom) to make sure they look and feel stunning throughout the entire event. On your big day, you want to be the most beautiful person in the room. You want to be sure that heads turn and jaws drop when they see you come in. A quality artist will know what products to use that will work best for you and that will last the entire event. Having the right makeup artist can help make that happen by making you look your most beautiful!

Wedding Planner

With so many articles on wedding planning, why would you need to hire a wedding planner?! Even for those who love to be completely involved with every aspect of the planning, a wedding planner actually provides a lot of additional insight and experience that those that don’t work in the field are all that familiar with. A wedding planner has worked with many of the exact vendors that you are looking at hiring, and they can tell you about their own experience working with them and how they work with their couples. Wedding planners can help take off the stress and worry that happens when it’s finally the big day, and you have no idea where the rings are! Wedding planners can be hired for the coordination of the entire planning process, or they can be hired for just the wedding day. Either way, they will help make sure you are able to enjoy the process of getting married, and that is worth every penny.

Photographer & Videographer

You are putting so much effort and so much planning into an event that will happen over the course of a single day. Once it’s here, you’ll spend the day thinking how fast it’s all moving and how you wish time would just slow down. Your photographer and videographer will be the ones to help slow down time and capture all the moments that matter most on your special day, and that is something that can never be replaced. They’ll be the ones to capture all the expressions, all the details, and all the memories. They provide the opportunity to look back and relive one of the most important moments of your life. Photography is key for that opportunity, and now you can make it even better by hearing the words over again and seeing it all in action with video as well. There’s so much that happens on this day, and there’s so much that you can miss out on. Why take that chance? Hire a quality photographer and videographer, and you will always be thankful you did.

On one of the most important days of your life, you want it all. Who wouldn’t? Budgeting appropriately is key to making sure your wedding day is successful and joyous for everyone, and these are the vendors that you can always splurge on to have the best day ever!

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