Three Wedding Traditions to Skip & What to Replace Them With

Three Wedding Traditions to Skip & What to Replace Them With

When you’re planning your wedding day, you’ll come to find that everyone has an opinion about every little detail. All the different wedding traditions we have seen over the years will come to haunt you as every family member wants you to do one or the other. With that being said, some traditions are still fun and enjoyable, and others should be left in the past. There have been so many better ideas to come along and more modern ways of doing things, but it’s easy for those around you to get distracted by what worked when they got married. The important part to remember is that this is your day, and no one else’s. You get to choose what happens on your big day, and skipping these outdated traditions will be something everyone will thank you for later!

Skip the garter toss.

The garter toss is a very old-fashioned and cheesy tradition that doesn’t really apply to the majority in this day and age. It’s not very common that women wear a garter in general, and it’s less common that women wear it with their gown. No one wants to sit around and watch your husband creep up your dress to remove this, and then toss it into the crowd. Instead of doing silly games with the bride and groom, bring in something that all of your guests can enjoy while they spend time with you at the reception. Hire a photobooth. Everyone will be able to take time during the party to have their picture taken and leave with lasting memories of how the night carried on. You’ll get copies of all the photos as well, so you can see glimpses of all the good times that everyone had in your honor.

Skip the receiving line.

It’s a nice thought for people to meet your parents, but there really isn’t time to hold full-on conversations with each and every person. Let’s face it, there’s always some that really love to go on and on and on. Having to cut them off isn’t how you want to be spending some of your first moments as husband and wife. Instead during the reception, take time to go around to each table and speak to the table. It’s much more personal for you to speak with them individually, and it allows a little more time to speak with your guests.

Skip waiting to see each other on the aisle.

This tradition is one that has been around for ages, and it’s one that many in the older generations want to see continue. It’s been captured as one of the most amazing moments for a husband and wife to experience as they meet each other at the altar. It’s not that this is a bad tradition to stick with or one that doesn’t fit. It’s just there is a new tradition that is even better, one that can mean so much more. First looks are the way to go, period. It’s an amazing and emotional feeling to see your partner for the first time in their wedding attire ready to become your husband or wife. You’ll have that feeling no matter where it happens. However, being able to have a private moment to yourselves to share that with each other brings a different sort of magic and excitement. The rest of the day will be shared with everyone in attendance. Give yourselves that private moment to have for no one else, just each other.

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