Top 5 Wedding DIY Tips To Make Your Wedding Amazing

Let’s face it, weddings are expensive. No matter the size or style, they tend to need a pretty sizable budget. This is why DIY (do-it-yourself) weddings are all the rage right now, and there are plenty of DIY wedding tips out there to make it look as if it’s not DIY at all! Long gone are the days when DIY meant jenky and cheap, tacky and messy. Nowadays, DIY can be anything from elegant and chic to rustic and traditional! It doesn’t matter what style you want for your special day. All styles can be made DIY, and here are the top tips to create your own one-of-a-kind DIY wedding!

Discount Decorations

Search dollar stores, vintage shops, and any other discount stores for fun and nifty decorations that you can use. Be creative and think of ways to dress them up or use them as is for things like table centerpieces, seating chart cards, signs, and more. If you want floral centerpieces, look for different options to use as vases. If you’re the creative type, there are hundreds of different projects that can be found online to help you in decorating your wedding to your liking! The little details seen throughout your big day are a great way to DIY!

Individualized Invitations

One of the easiest ways to DIY a part of your wedding is with the invitations. Invitations are actually an incredibly important part of wedding planning as this is the first thing your guests see in regards to the big event. It’s like a window to how the day will be, so you want to make sure it reflects the tone and style of your special day. Take into consideration the size of the invitation, the color of the paper, the style of the font. Even the envelope the invitation comes in can make a statement to describe the wedding you will be having. Unique and personalized invitations will be the opening act in making sure your wedding is memorable to everyone!

Custom Cocktails

We all want to go to a wedding where there’s an open bar, but if you want to really make your bar stand out, have a bartender design custom cocktails for your big day! Work with them to create a drink that symbolizes you and your partner individually, use your favorite liquors and mixers, and come up with a unique name that’ll stand out from the typical wine and beers. You can also just have a limited selection of drinks available, making those drinks the ones you and your partner drink most often. This puts a fun and personalized spin on one of everyone’s favorite parts of the reception.

Decadent Desserts

Who says a wedding needs to have cake?! There are so many other delicious desserts that are just as good to be served at a wedding! In recent years, it’s becoming more and more popular to do different kinds of desserts and skip the cake altogether. It started off by having a large number of cupcakes that were set out to form what looked like a cake, and now it’s gone as far as donut bars and create your own sundae bars! If you want to take a tasty stand to separate from the norm, this would be a cost friendly and fun way to do so!

Reception Recreation

Dancing is always fun during a reception, but there can always be more to entertain the guests! Throw together some customized entertainment for your guests, and your wedding is sure to stand out as one of the more fun times! You can add in things like cornhole, life-sized tic-tac-toe, adult Jenga, or even a photobooth! Check out to see how much fun these can be to have for your big day!

There are so many ways to turn your wedding into a DIY heaven! Leave a comment with some of your favorite tips and tricks for DIY wedding planning! Be sure to check out our Pinterest Board for more of our favorite DIY tips!

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